Live18 Provides Professional Training, Internship, Placements and Mentoring.
We offer Courses and Training according to industry demands.
We have been providing 100% JOB Placement Program Since 1987.

• We plan our Courses and Training modules according to the industry demands.
• Get Admission Get Job Offer Letter
• Professional Training
• Paid Internship
• 100 % Placements agreement
• Mentoring


100 % Placements agreement

There is a huge gap between the education system and industry's requirement. We plan our course structure to match the specific skill set requirements. We engage organization during the entire program. Organization are happy with our students as our students become professionals who understands the market insights and company do not need to invest a whole year to train a new employee. We provide a fully trained employee to the company who can perform from the Day 1


Get Admission Get Job Offer Letter

We are confident on our Program and Training, after completion of the course, we will get you placed. You will have a rich portfolio reflecting your multitasking abilities so that the employer doesn’t have to hire several people to do different things since you know them all and you will be eligible to fit in the multiple job profiles in various organization.


Multitasking Specialization

Our highly specialized syllabus trains you for Digital Media Business. We transform you into an expert with many skills. You may receive a higher pay package and multiple Job opportunities as compare to those candidates who have only basic degree or diploma or knowledge of digital marketing or graphic or video editing only.
You are now an all-rounder with multitasking abilities that too with QC Smart processing knowledge
The possibility of your being promoted to the rank of a project manager or team leader are much better than other candidates because you are an expert in many different and yet closely related fields.