Professional Training and Mentoring is a non-commercial initiative and a Non Profit unit of Live18.

Platform was created in 1987 by Rajmangal group with the prime focus of providing the best Professional Training to Young Indians and the best Professional Talent to the Industries.

Easy & Organized
With the help of technology, a journalistic approach and guidance of learned experts, we present before you a credible & a well organised platform to help you find out the right path for a bright and a secure career

Live18 has been created as a launchpad for fortification of a mentor – mentee relationship and act as a lighthouse to the talented students and young professionals aspiring to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Mentorships are important to society because everyone benefits from role models. In this way, mentors support mentees, cheer them on and help them strive to become as successful global corporate citizens.

Live18 mentors are industry leaders and subject matter experts who have passion to help others, see them successful and committed to give back to society by way of sharing experiential learning.

Live18 platform uses world class technology solutions using artificial intelligence to predict the best resources and solutions to career related queries as per mentees' career interests and aspirations as they move up in the value chain of different career level stages. Its smart algorithms provides access to specific mentors, curated content, career development programs and high impact career resources on the basis of evolving needs, progression and changing behavior of mentees.

Our mentors provide professional training, resolve career problems, give career advice and co-own mentees' goals. Mentors provide career mentoring to the meritorious students from remote colleges who do not have adequate industry interface and enable such students to make the right career choice by coaching them to effectively transition from campus to corporate life.

Our mentors also provide 1:1 mentoring to working professionals who are looking for professional guidance to enhance their career and/or have any workplace problem to solve for.

Professional Faculty
Personalized and Customized Training Program. 
Get your career questions answered by industry experts, business leaders and HR professionals.
Get an answer to your career query from the experts and access related career questions.Mentors.
Request 1:1 Mentoring from business leaders and career experts to start your mentoring relationship.

Instantly access to the best career resources based on your career interests, needs and aspirations

Attend career development workshops, learning events, counselling sessions and training programs

Getting started with your right career
A satisfactory career will not only earn you a living, but can also be one of the positive contributor to your own “Happiness Quotient.”